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21, Balança, United States
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Detalhes Importantes de Babyparisxoxo
Preferência SexualHetero
Altura>160 cm - 170 cm
Peso55 - 60 kg (120 - 140 lbs)
Pelos púbicosDepilada
O que excita-me
I love getting tipped while working at my coffee shop. It makes me soooo horny. I love feeling the vibrations while I struggle to stay composed. I love knowing you are watching me be naughty!
Sobre mim
Just your local naughty barista here to serve the hottest coffee in town...
O que faço na webcam
Horas de trabalho de Babyparisxoxo
About me:

Hey friends! I am Paris a new model here! I love to have fun. This is my coffee shop. I stream almost every day from 8 AM Pacific time to 11:30 AM or later! 

All your tips helps support me ♥️ I appreciate them and you so much. I look forward to making some awesome friends here!!! 

A few things to note about my room. I am making drinks and if I walk off cam for 30 seconds it is because I have to go to the back to grab ice cream, or put a bagel in the toaster or something of that nature. I'll always be back on cam as soon as I can! ♥️   I am here to have fun and make friends (: 

Social Media:

Follow me to get notified every time I go online!! I post the link to my stream here  every time I go live! 



Schedule for Week 11/29 - 12/05

Hi friends! I work in Pacific time!

Monday 11/29

Coffee stream 8AM- 11 AM

Tuesday 11/30

Coffee stream 8AM -11AM 

Wednesday 12/01

Coffee stream 8 AM-10AM 

Thursday 12/02 

Coffee stream 8 AM-10AM 

Home stream - 7PM-9PM 

Friday 12/03 

Coffee stream 8 AM-11AM 

Home stream - 7PM-9PM

Saturday 12/04

Coffee stream 8 AM - 11 AM 

Home Stream - 7PM-9PM

Sunday -- DAY off :) 

Home Streams

***Please NOTE: when I am at the coffee shop there is NO TIP MENU ***

This only applies during home streams-- if you tip anything on this menu while i'm streaming at the shop it will just be an awesome vibration for me. 

Home Show: 

GOALS: There will usually be a sexy goal for us to reach! 

LUSH: I will usually be wearing a pink vibrator. When it is connected all of your tips will vibrate me! They feel amazing btw! Every token from 1 - infinity will vibrate me. The higher the tip the higher the vibration! 

NOTE: I am a squirter.. when I am vibrated long and hard enough I might remove all my clothes and do a squirt show for you! 


Flash boobs - 177 tokens

Flash booty - 178 tokens

Drop it like its hot! SQUAT - 18 tokens 

Topless for 10 minutes - 699 tokens 

Bottomless for 10 minutes - 698 tokens

Naked for 10 minutes - 1222 tokens 

Blowjob (dildo) - 499 tokens 

Flash kitty - 444 tokens 

Blow you a kiss - 50 tokens 

Tell me you love me - 33 tokens 

If you have a crush on me - 22 tokens 

If you like me - 12 tokens 

Coffee Shop Streams:

What can you do:

- Vibrate me at work! When my lush is activated all your tips vibrate me. It is so fun for me to be getting vibrated while making coffee and interacting with customers. It can be very hard to not react to your tips while in the view of customers so I do my absolute best to stay kinda still. Hahaha! So much fun!!

- Hit them Goals! Not only do your tips vibrate me they also contribute towards our room goal. Every time our goal is reached I will take you to the back and show you exactly what kinda body you are working with! (;

Note: If I am finishing up drinks then I will perform the goal as soon as I finish helping my customers. 

- Let your imagination run wild! I am letting you into a very intimate part of life. 

What you can not do: 

Ground Rules - Please be kind and respect me. I am a person with feelings and boundaries not a sex robot. Do not recklessly type the acts you would like me to perform or you will be muted and in extreme cases removed from my room. Please follow all Bongacam rules. I only accept tokens and not outside payments. No exceptions. 

When I am at the coffee shop, I am unable to have a tip menu or perform most requested actions. This is because I am interacting with customers, making drinks and working. I am not always able to check my screen and see what you are saying, so I would miss a lot of tips. This is why i do not have a coffee shop tip menu. I am also unable to take private shows at work -- if you want a private with me take me private at any of my home shows! (: 

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Me playing guitar Me playing guitar 2:46
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Lista de pedidos de Babyparisxoxo
To be able to afford my own home someday
To be able to afford my own home someday
Your tips help me so much to reach my goal of owning a home someday.
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To be able to pursue my dream of starting a well known coffee brand
To be able to pursue my dream of starting a well known coffee brand
It is hard to make any money in such a rough neighborhood so I really would like to move my business to a better and safer neighborhood. I hope to learn more about business through this experience, spread my love of coffee and make people happy! Your tips help support me and pay my bills so I can continue to keep the lights on, learn and grow. Thank you. I will forever be grateful for your kindness.
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Comentários (5)
When God decided to create a woman, He certainly found inspiration for perfection in you, because you were a model of his imagination. You are so charming and perfect.
You are absolutely unique and amazing. I already know this from watching as nemo 166 and I look at you from the second profile as your absolute fan, X-fandaParis. You are absolutely charming Miss PARIS. You are truly the goddess of dreams in the earthly world.
The beauty of your body cannot be described in words. Your breasts, simply their perfection, is endowed with the charm and gift of the goddess. The charming beauty of your nipples , which rise with excitement like mountain peaks to heavenly heights. Breathtaking. You are an amazing original of female perfection and beauty. You are intoxicating like the scent of flowers, divine and absolutely charming.
You are absolutely charming, your breasts are like the seventh wonder of the world, absolutely perfect, divine and breathtaking. The perfection of your body cannot be described in words. I would like to have the talent of a painter to be able to paint a picture of your beauty, a gift from a sculptor, to be able to capture every detail of your amazing body and beautiful face. But it would always be just your copy. You are an original that I can only quietly admire and love. You are an angel.
Women are like flowers. And you are the most amazing flower among them. I've never seen a more beautiful and attractive woman like you in the real world.